Tanto per chiarire / Just to make it clear

Tanto per chiarire / Just to make it clear

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giovedì 24 giugno 2010

Save the economy: save democracy. Dump the economy, fuck democracy!

Let's cut the crap!
Economy needs radical reforms and social-democratic ones!
It's not by bailing out the banks that you relaunch the economy: it's by bailing out the mortgages and redistributing purchase power on a wider scale.

It's not by forcing Greece, Spain etc. to cut salaries and social state to the low income people, but by going back to a tax rates increasing with the wealth and income and passing the bigger share of the bill to the ones that ate the bigger piece of the cake.

With all the Ain Rand / Thatcher / Reagan bullshit of the latest decades we have been depriving the very same democracy of its main meaning: Participation, sharing and freedom. The real one: the one that allows everyone to chose, not only who can afford it!

If we don't make a step back a bigger chunk of the population will start wondering why is democracy worth it.
That's how Communism and Nazism were born.

A couple of days ago I was reading a report on Chavez's Venezuela.
In the crisis he is spending on social support, health care, etc.
NOT on supporting the ones who pay him bribes (sorry: 'finance his political campaign') as it happens in our fat democracies.
The result is that unemployment is decreasing to rates that we can only dream in Europe and people (the normal people, not the honoured members of this and other networks) are much better off and fought for him when CIA tried to topple him with a golpe.
And they didn't give a shit about the freedom of a press that was not free at all, but at the orders of its owners.

Is this where we want to go?
Void democracy of its meaning to the point that people will prefer a honest dictator?

If no is the answer we should start by kicking the arse of all those idiots or whores (there's no other option) that from their comfortable sofas in the IMF, World Bank etc. have been imposing to poor countries to sell for a fistful of beans their last belongings to multinational corporations and we should got back to the obvious assumption that when there is a crisis it's the poorer that need help, not the richer ones!
And it's the middle class that drives the economy, not the fat sharks and the VIPs!

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