Tanto per chiarire / Just to make it clear

Tanto per chiarire / Just to make it clear

Più che un blog questo è un diario di appunti, dove spesso mi segno e rilancio articoli ed opinion interessanti trovate in giro per la rete.

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This is a notebook -not really a blog- where I often relaunch interesting stuff I find roaming on the net.
I always try to link correctly the original sources. If anyway you find your stuff and want me to remove or correct it, please let me know at Stef@cutillo.eu

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domenica 11 ottobre 2009

The frustration of a sterile graphomaniac

"Graphomaniac" defines me rather well.

I started a number of books without ever finishing any, but what I really enjoy is the act of writing itself.

In the last years, online forums gave me the opportunity of satisfying this need by interacting and debating in written, a much more effective way than the oral form to communicate, when your point is not only impressing; when what you want to exchange is real content, real opinions, real understanding...

While writing you can double check the facts you are mentioning by heart, you can review what you wrote without thinking before launching it in the world, you can re-read that offensive line you were going to post against somebody and remember that you are not like that: you are not going to offend somebody unless you can include in the same sentence all the elements that justify that attack.

And over all no impolite fast-food-minded idiot can interrupt you in the middle of a reasoning, judging what (s)he thinks you were going to say before having let you the opportunity of saying it, often contesting you for something you were not going to say at all.

Finally, there is this comforting impression that it is worth saying what you are going to say. That someone will listen and be interested in what you are saying, not in the way you are looking at them while saying it.
... whether it is actually the case or not.  :)

Only one day you realise that most of the time it is not the case, we live in an era of superficiality, where what counts is success, that only translates in money and fame.
Most of the time conversation is a social tool, useful to fill the void with the comforting impression of not being alone.
A conversation most of the time is over all an opportunity for looking good, rather than for exchanging content and tickle our minds.

And writing loses its appeal as well, like sending radio messages to an infinite space where you know nobody is there to listen.

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