Tanto per chiarire / Just to make it clear

Tanto per chiarire / Just to make it clear

Più che un blog questo è un diario di appunti, dove spesso mi segno e rilancio articoli ed opinion interessanti trovate in giro per la rete.

Cerco sempre di citare e linkare correttamente la fonte originale. Se comunque trovaste roba vostra che volete che tolga o corregga, vi prego di segnalarmelo a Stef@cutillo.eu
This is a notebook -not really a blog- where I often relaunch interesting stuff I find roaming on the net.
I always try to link correctly the original sources. If anyway you find your stuff and want me to remove or correct it, please let me know at Stef@cutillo.eu

Questo blog, ovviamente, non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità e con molta poca coerenza. Non può pertanto considerarsi un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n. 62 del 7.03.2001 e seguenti.
This is just a silly legal note to state that this (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!)
is not a newspaper or a news publication whatsoever.

lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Colourful sign on the times

A colleague called me to see the impressive double rainbow out of our windows.
I took a Picture and went to post it on Facebook.

Opening Facebook, I immediately fell on more and more pictures of the same, impressive double rainbow.

From Michela 

from Jen 

from Jonathan

from Luca 

from Laura 

from the bar where I'd better be now 


The double rainbow lasted less than 10 minutes and it was all over already. 

And that reminded the polemic question launched by Erik Qualman a couple of years ago: 
Do you still think that Social Media is a fad? 

sabato 10 settembre 2011

A day as a father

  • Kids to the ludoteque - DONE! 
  • Escape from the ludoteque pretending I'm just sitting in the court outside, to go shopping at the supermarket and run back - DONE! 
  • Emergency surgery on exotic fishes to extract parasite worms - DONE! 
  • Reconditioning of the aquarium + medicine to try to kill the remaining baby worms - DONE! 
  • Lunch for children - DONE! 
  • Fixing child shoe - DONE! 
  • Changing children's clothes for food stains - DONE! 
  • Going out without realising my shirt has food stains too - DONE! 
  • Middle age festival with children and friends: 
    • Crossbow shooting - DONE! 
    • Sword and shield fighting - DONE! 
    • Spears fighting - DONE! 
    • Snack meal - DONE! 
    • Consoling/rebuffing the girls who fell/got hit/bumped into something and cried like hell - DONE! 
    • Keeping the mojo with friends moaning about their hangover  after having drunk a fraction of what you drunk last night (you were there) and having slept the morning (while you jumped out of bed at dawn awaken by wifey's alarm clock for her to leave on business trip for the wee end) - DONE! 
    • Some 15 lt. water in 33 cl. bottles at 4 CHF each (fucking medieval crooks!) for thirsty gang of children and their friends - DONE! 
    • Fighting with the boy who tried refusing leaving a very boyish day where he had made very good friends by trying to extract each others' guts with wooden swords/crossbows/spears/bare hands - DONE! 
  • Pyjamas - DONE! 
  • Dinner: 
    • Cooking - DONE! 
    • Make the children dine - DONE without strangling anybody! 
    • Spoiling each children in a specific desire - DONE! 
  • Children in bed - to be completed, possibly without having to suffocate anyone with a pillow 
  • Finding a moving company to bring home the piano she bought for the kids (thinking I could carry it myself)- To do 
  • Planning for tomorrow: 
    • Preparing broken chairs to take them to the 'empailleur' for fixing - to be completed 
    • Getting info for the subterranean visit of town's underground with children - DONE! 
    • Inviting friends (and kids) to the aquapark - DONE! 
  • Calling wifey on business trip on weekend since she didn't call me - OH! BUGGER OFF! 
  • Calling babysitter for being able to go out with friends tonight - FUCKFUCKFUCK! I FORGOT IT!!! :( 
  • Declining invitation by friends after having tried to bring the kids and having been told they would not be welcome - Done. :( 
  • Choosing a film to watch alone on a Saturday night - To be completed or replaced with going out and getting totally fucking drunk with complete strangers hence be arrested for abandoning minors (who are sleeping after the hell of a day and would certainly not even notice). 

The next stupid bitch who dares trying telling me how hard it is being a working mother gets my punch straight into her stupid bitchy face!   >:-(

lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Perché la crisi?

Ecco un indizio: I Bonus dei dirigenti delle principali aziende quotate in borsa a Londra, sono cresciuti del 187% dal 2002, senza alcun legame con l'andamento del valore delle azienze da loro guidate.

Average bonuses for directors of FTSE 350 companies have risen by 187% since 2002, without a corresponding rise in share prices, new research suggests.

 Insomma, perché la crisi?
 Perché chi comanda pensa ai cazzi suoi anziché a far correttamente il proprio lavoro.
 Io i bonus li tasserei tutti almeno al 60%!!!